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Telmo Marques

Web and Mobile Developer

About me

I'm a 25 year old developer from Portugal, with a special affection for web and mobile development. I focus primarily in PHP, JavaScript and Java; however my curiosity always keeps me up to date with the latest, and most prominent, tools and languages.

Following my MSc. in Mobile Computing I had the chance to work as a scientific researcher for Instituto de TelecomunicaƧƵes, in the field of Many-Core Computing. I held my first position in a company at - a portuguese web hosting provider - where I was responsible for software design, development, testing and deployment; with some server administration (unix) and monitoring on the side. I also acquired customer relations skills by providing support for the company's services.

Currently I work as a software developer for Redcats icon Redcats Portugal.

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JavaScript library to encrypt/decrypt using the XECryption algorithm.
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Animate-plus.js is a jQuery plugin that extends animate.css functionality. Combine multiple animations, specify order, duration, delay, and much more.
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Mobile Data Widget

Simple mobile data on/off widget for Android 2.3+. Styled to look just right on ICS (Holo theme)!
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Google Chrome icon Ace Anywhere

Transform any textarea into a code editor with this Chrome browser extension.
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